Mozart Piano Concertos Eugene Istomin Seattle Symphony Orchestra 

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Renowned pianist Eugene Istomin described the Concerto in C major, saying , “A characteristic feature of this masterpiece is the use of cliches to make miracles. There is a sense of personal renewal here- something you know is going to happen, and when it does it is deliciously surprising, fresh, eternal.”

Istomin first performed the popular Mozart Concerto Number 24 in C Minor with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra during the World’s Fair of 1962. He returned to Washington to record it at the St. Thomas Center in Bothell, Washington in 1995, almost 210 years after the original score was written.

It is our good fortune that the Reference Recordings crew was there to capture it for us. Keith Johnson made our transfers directly from the same custom focused gap tape machine that was used to record it.

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