Dave Alvin Blackjack David  

Dave Alvin first came to prominence in the high energy Punkabilly band “The Blasters,” which he co-fronted with his brother Phil. The Blasters personified the Roots-Rock movement starting in the early ’80s. After parting ways with the Blasters he followed many roads that let him express the varied facets of his musical personality: blues, country, rock and folk, eventually winning a Grammy┬« for his album “Public Domain, Songs From The Wild Land.” By the time of “Blackjack David,” these musical strains are no longer recognizable as influences, they have totally meld ed into a personal music of great emotional power. These songs all started with Dave sitting in the middle of the room singing and playing guitar. Gradually the arrangements grew around them, but Dave’s singing and guitar playing remain at the core. Stereophile Record Of The Month and at least this once they got it right.

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