Doc & Merle Watson Never the Same Way Once Live at the Boarding House 

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Doc Watson has been acknowledged by everyone as master of the flat pick guitar style. He is revered by the country fans, the folk fans and the bluegrass fans alike.

In May of 1974 Doc Watson came to San Francisco for a four night run at The Boarding House, a venue with such good acoustics that it had hosted national broadcasts of big bands in the 40’s, and had served as the first location of Bill Putnam’s famed recording studio Coast Recorders.

Doc brought with him his band, consisting of his son Merle on guitars and T. Michael Coleman on bass. They delighted the audience with their picking and their singing, with their stories and their jokes. And fortuitously Bear (Owsley Stanley) ran tape on the whole thing.

Here we have a condensed version of one night’s show. Sit back and listen in. You’ll be as delighted as the audience was that night.

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