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Author Topic: Oooh! New forum just for us.  (Read 4593 times)

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Oooh! New forum just for us.
« on: January 16, 2007, 11:03:43 am »
Looks great Doc. I really like the logo! Feels pretty comfy. Plenty of forums. Not that I use them that often but, great tool bar. I don't know how much traffic you're prepared to deal with here but, someone out there that's a member of the Yahoo R2R group should post something there about this forum. I'm no longer a member ( I don't like that kind of format ) but I will post something at the sites I am. I'll leave it up to the likes of grhughs, marantzguy, and stellavox to make posts at the more pro sites ( etc.) since they actually know what they're talking about! It might be cool to get someone from TapeOp magazine interested too.
Oops. Sorry Doc. You just finished nailing in the last board of our new clubhouse, and I'm already telling you what color to paint it.
Steve Koto
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