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Title: Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo at the Upstage Bistro
Post by: docb on February 02, 2007, 04:03:51 pm
Had a fantastic evening last night listening to Roy and his long time bud Norton Buffalo at the Upstage in Port Townsend, A great old historical/artists community about 40 minutes from here. Listening to guys of this caliber reminds you there are some folks that, as Roy paraphrased from his old mentor John Lee Hooker, "the music's just got to come out."

One unusual aspect of this show was that Roy travelled light. Last time I saw him he brought so many guitars that he had a tech just offstage, handing him a different one for nearly every song. This time he brought two acoustic/electric guitars. Norton on the other hand brought a boatload of harps. I stood on the mezzanine at one point, looked down over the stage and counted at least 40 harps in a trick little suitcase.

The two of them have played so long together and they are so good that their music conveys a feeling that is a cross between putting on your favorite pair of slippers and getting a slice of your favorite cake on your birthday. Last time I saw Roy I was stuck behind the "stage in the round" at the Upstage. This time I was on the front side and got a great view of just how much of a blur Roy's left hand is when he winds it up. Dayum.

Norton matches Roy perfectly when it comes to trading riffs, right beside him leaning slightly over Roy's shoulder, often with two harps stacked and ready to switch mid-measure. Another thing you notice right away is just how well their voices blend, even over the POS unintelligible PA at the Upstage.

This is a must see show if they come to your town. Norton and Roy will be playing at the Triple Door in Seattle tonight and tomorrow night.

P.S.  Roy informed me last night that he had the original 2" tape from which the master of Slide Zone had been made on it's way to him from it's vault. How great is that gonna sound?!
Title: Re: Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo at the Upstage Bistro
Post by: ironbut on February 02, 2007, 08:53:42 pm
Sound like a great show! Roy plays around here (SF bay area) pretty often. I haven't heard him in a few years but I've seen him "show-up" the headliner a few times. Man, even when he's not playing an electric,.. it's Electric!