Nat King Cole Nat King Cole sings/George Shearing plays  

Friends, we have a situation here. We have lots of albums finished and ready to pack and ship out, except that we have run out of our custom boxes and there is a delay in getting the replacements. So while we wait for the new shipment of the custom boxes we have decided to offer to send you the album now in plain white boxes. We will ship you the custom box when they it’s ready, at our expense. This now looks like it may take until April.

We have long wanted to include something from Nat King Cole, one of the all time great singers in American musical history. The difficulty is not just to choose from such an iconic body of work. It’s also complicated by the fact that much of his defining work was recorded before the stereo era, in fact most of it before the HiFi era.

We give a grateful tip of the cap to subscriber Philip O’Hanlon, who pointed us toward this gem. In 1961 someone had the great idea of putting these two together. Cole loved Shearing’s piano playing (and since Cole was a great pianist himself that’s no small compliment.) And of course everyone loved Cole’s singing, including Shearing. The joy they had in collaborating clearly made it on to the tape.

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